Tripbound & VMS

Print Ad Campaign, Messaging, Website Design & Development

“We need cohesive ad campaigns that move people to action.”

Tripbound and Vacation Management Services (VMS), sister companies, help connect timeshare owners and their unused points with vacationers around the country. Because Tripbound/VMS speaks to multiple audiences, they needed a marketing team who could understand the motivations of each market segment. Tripbound/VMS quickly realized they were trying to say too much in their ads and needed a simpler way to deliver their message.

Colour Outside partnered with Tripbound/VMS to create new advertising campaigns for dual audiences, both consumer-facing and B2B, that emphasize a single, compelling message.

No Vacancy.

Colour Outside created ad campaigns for two different audiences. Tripbound’s print ad, which would be seen by potential vacationers in a local publication, needed to convey the peaceful feeling of a stress-free getaway. The concise and clever tag, “Pack Light: Leave your baggage behind,” conjures sensations of weightlessness, or being free from worries or responsibilities waiting back at home. Photos of families enjoying their vacation (feeling light as air while on boats, inner tubes, bicycles, etc.) work in tandem with the written message.

In contrast, the B2B ad campaign needed to reach timeshare salespeople subscribed to a resort magazine. It required a more professional, business-like tone that would appeal to a sales rep’s goal of attracting more customers. With this in mind, Colour Outside crafted two key messages for this campaign. The first, “No Vacancy,” was paired with an ironic image of an empty beach — a paradise without anyone to enjoy it. Translation: Something is wrong with this picture. Let’s work together to fulfill your “No Vacancy” status and sell more timeshares.

The second ad we created also featured a vacant beach but from the perspective of two empty beach-side chairs with the message, “This view is meant to be shared.” Once again, the image ignites a desire to see the scene filled with vacationers, and the message appeals to sales reps whose customers can greatly benefit by sharing their timeshare.

“We need to overhaul our website and simplify our messaging.”

VMS, the arm of the business that interfaces with timeshare owners, was overdue for a website overhaul. At the time, the client felt their current website was possibly outdated and lacked a cohesive message. They looked to our team to build a custom website design including brand new messaging, illustrations, photography, and animations.

To remain cohesive, we built upon the theme of the empty beach used prior in their print ads. These bright colors inspired the entire palette. Gentle curves that mimic the ocean are found throughout the design and pair well with the electric blue shapes.

Saturated and soothing hues might take center stage but when paired with photos of satisfied customers, it offers a visually stress-free experience for website visitors. When we analyzed VMS’ customer journey, we realized it could be simplified into three main steps, so they would be quick to read and easy to understand. We used playful icons to illustrate the process, reinforcing how easy it is from start to finish.