Branding, Messaging, Website Design & Development

“Our powerful, new AI software needs a strong identity.”

French tech experts, ezyData, had finally completed their new AI software for businesses and were eager to go live with their product. They admitted their expertise lay in programming, and when it came to branding and design, they were out of their depth. Our team found this to be the case with other companies in their field. Design often takes a backseat in the tech world, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Colour Outside partnered with ezyData to name and brand their new AI software, create creative messaging, and develop a professional website.

Meet Hugo, your new assistant.

Our team quickly realized ezyData’s AI was more than a software. It was a powerful brain who could do the work of 100 employees only without errors. That’s when we stopped referring to the software as “it” but rather “he.” After exploring several possible personas, we eventually landed on Hugo, which means intelligence. Observant, clever, and a little eccentric, Hugo’s brilliant mind relies on logic and astute observation to solve problems. As Hugo’s personality came to life, we began crafting messaging (both in English and French) befitting our genius.

A curiously clever logo.

Inspired by Hugo’s ability to expertly sort and match data, the visual of a puzzle box came to mind. We wanted to showcase his brainy, riddle-solving skills within the logo. “While other AI software gets lost in a maze of data, Hugo expertly maneuvers his way to the other side every time.” We explored various 3D shapes, and eventually crafted a symbol which contains an H and hints at puzzle, maze, and brain shapes — clever, just like Hugo.