Lodi Chamber of Commerce

Website Design & Development, Marketing Strategy

“Our city is poised for economic growth, but how do we tell our story and attract the right audience?”

Lodi, California knows a thing or two about growth. Strategically located in the San Joaquin Valley in Northern California, the city of Lodi didn’t become a leader in sustainable farming practices overnight. Strategic planning and sweat equity from six generations of farmers and agriculturalists have been essential to their success. Today, Lodi is the largest appellation in California and produces over 100 different varieties of wine.

Lodi is poised for even more economic growth within sustainable, future-focused industries in tech, R&D, medical science, and education, and they’re eager to partner with like-minded organizations who are passionate about investing in a sustainable future.

Colour Outside partnered with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce to develop the Grow in Lodi initiative, which included messaging, a custom website, and a marketing strategy to reach their target audience of business owners in the Bay Area.

Investing in a sustainable future.

Our team designed and built a custom website for Grow in Lodi in addition to developing a messaging strategy and writing copy. This required us to do research into Lodi’s history, economic infrastructure, and strategies to reach their specific Silicon Valley audience. Stunning photos, compelling copy, and an interesting design set Lodi apart from other economic development websites. Lodi has been a hidden gem for years, and it was our job to reveal how valuable they are to organizations interested in expanding their business beyond the unaffordable and cramped Bay Area.

Measurable and attainable goals.

A stunning website is only as good as its reach. Grow in Lodi’s number one goal is to maximize their exposure to organizations within the Bay Area. Colour Outside conducted demographic and marketing research and constructed a three-tiered plan to accomplish this. Each of the three goals is broken down by specific what, how, and when descriptions, providing Lodi with a clear, measurable, and attainable path forward.