Employer giving employee a performance review

Build an Attractive Workplace Culture: A Better Performance Review

Ever heard of the Recency Effect? It’s when people remember the information most recently presented to them best. And it plays a major role in performance evaluation in the American workforce.
Private Criticism, Public Praise

Build an Attractive Workplace Culture: Private Critique, Public Praise

The primary goal of workplace leadership—all leadership, for that matter—is not control. It is the flourishing of the teams they lead.
Cultivating an Attractive Workplace Culture

Build an Attractive Workplace Culture: It’s Time We Get Serious About Work/Life Balance

There is nothing more important to your brand than how you treat people, most of all your employees...

7 Good (and Bad) Reasons to Rebrand

Good rebrand motivation can produce a healthy transition yielding wonderful opportunities; bad rebrand motivation can result in lost awareness, lost customers, and long-term brand damage.
UX Design Schematic

UX vs. UI Design: What’s the Difference?

As the demand for complexity and quality of websites has increased, so has the number of supporting specialty disciplines.

Small Business Saturday 2021: Think Smaller With Your Spending

Spoiler: Coupon codes ahead. With Small Business Saturday in a few days (November 27th!), we’re highlighting some of our favorite places to shop locally.
Neon sign saying "we."

We Rebranded! No, You Just Unveiled a New Logo

As long as you continue to think of your logo (or any visual, for that matter) as your brand, you will miss your greatest opportunities for influence.
Graffiti on a door.

The 80/20 Brand Rule

A strong brand is one that resonates. A brand you can feel, yes. But just as importantly, one that makes you want to jump from your chair and shout, "That's true!"
The number five on a minimalist background.

5 Tips for Spending Less Money on Print Publications

For small or small-budget organizations, there is hesitancy to invest in print publications. So what can be done to lower costs while still allowing print to be considered in developing your marketing strategy?
Woman with sunglasses.

10 Things To Do Before Naming Your Brand

Names are important. They pose tremendous opportunities for communicators, and they can create lasting impressions or feelings in your audience. Learn from some of our insights and mistakes before you unveil your brand to the world.
Signs in the desert with many different fonts.

There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Font

Do fonts like Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Lobster deserve such a bad rap? What did they ever do to become associated with amateur design and poor taste?

Macs vs. PCs: Busting the Myth for Designers

For many years, designers, art directors, videographers, photographers, and of course Apple itself had us believe (either through comparative evidence or via a turned-up nose) that if we were really serious about the creative fields, we had to have a Mac. But why? And are those reasons still valid today?
Bondi Beach graffiti.

What is a Brand?

You’ll hear it in the boardroom, the living room, the green room—just about anywhere there exists a group starting or leading any organization. But what is a brand, and what does it mean?
Three dimensional letter C.

Do I Need a Custom Website? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you're the shy type that likes to do some research before making the jump to talk to an expert, here's a few helpful questions to ask yourself before building your website.