Naked Instincts

Branding, Website Design & Development, Messaging, Package Design

“We know our kitty litter is unique, but how do we show that to the world?”

Wood Fuel Developers, makers of wood pellet products for fire pits and grills, decided to break into a different market — sustainable wood-based cat litter. Their wood pellets were not only long-burning but long-suffering when it came to stinky odors. They approached Colour Outside with their final product, eager for us to name and brand it. Our team quickly saw an opportunity to pursue a different brand persona than what currently ruled the market. We decided to make cat litter sexy.

Colour Outside partnered with Wood Fuel Developers to create an edgy but fun brand persona with cheeky messaging, sleek product packaging, and a clever website.

3 Naked Instincts Logos

Let’s talk dirty.

Our goal was to make shopping for a mundane item like litter actually enjoyable. And a sexy cat litter brand isn’t complete without edgy messaging. So we rode the line – hard – between informative and clever. We knew the juxtaposition between an extremely clean and otherwise boring product would pair gloriously with sensual puns, and that their brand would stand out amongst their competitors’ safer, tamer brands.

Get Naked.

We urged customers to purchase the litter by asking them to give into their animal — “Get Naked.” We carried the same aesthetic and messaging over to their product packaging design, where we opted for a cardboard box with convenient carrying handle and bold text splashed across its face. Paired with lounging cats and their sustainable promise of 100% natural pine litter, we could confidently claim, “Cats pine for it.”

Cats pine for it.

A sexy cat litter brand is incomplete without a saucy logo to carry it. Our team used the recognizable shape of a cat’s face and dirtied it up with scratches reminiscent of a frisky feline covering their business. Bold, tilted letters reinforce the rebellious brand persona, and colors like yellow and teal fly in the face of traditional colors found in nature.