Gravity Speakers

Branding, Website Design & Development

“We need a powerful custom website with robust search features.”

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gravity Speakers coordinates speaking events for experts in leading-edge thinking. Innovators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs — Gravity provides a platform for these individuals to share what they call “intellectually rigorous ideas” with the world.

During Colour Outside’s brand discovery phase we quickly learned that Gravity’s bold mission needed an equally confident visual identity, so we created their logo, color palette, and visual elements with this in mind. We also provided practical solutions for displaying their large quantities of information (their database of speakers) in an organized but engaging format. Now organizations looking for experts to speak at their next event can easily find and hire them on Gravity Speaker’s website.

Colour Outside partnered with Gravity Speakers to create a bold brand identity and fully custom website with robust search features so nothing stands between a professional speaker and their stage.

Greater Together.

The icon in Gravity Speakers’ logo is crafted from the parts of a quotation mark to form the letter S for speakers. It’s also a subtle nod to the idea of the spoken word as well as a concrete interpretation of Gravity’s tagline “Greater Together” because the two shapes together form a complete S. An oversized version of this shape is placed strategically throughout their designs to encourage brand recognition. For color palette, we chose bold, punchy visuals with deep blues and bright pinks. This aesthetic is worthy of a confident brand, and there’s no better way to convey confident energy than with electric colors.

Taking Center Stage.

At the center of Gravity Speakers’ project was a robust search feature that could search names, industries, tags, topics, and keywords. However, equally important would be displaying the results in a visually stunning way. So we created custom profile pages displaying each speaker’s photo, bio, fees, topics, relevant articles and videos, testimonials, and personal Tweets from a linked Twitter account. We also included additional features such as a blog, browse page, related speaker suggestions, and a shopping cart style feature for selecting favorite speakers to hire.

100+ speakers

can be found on Gravity’s Speakers website. Inventors, bestselling authors, journalists, athletes, engineers—these are just some of the professional innovators for hire to speak at events.

“There’s no better way to convey confident energy than with electric colors.”