Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc.

Branding, Website Design & Development, Messaging, Video, Photography

“People don’t realize the level of quality behind our products.”

CIRS, a manufacturer of medical imaging phantoms, is recognized worldwide as a leader in their field. The level of quality that goes into CIRS’ products — from the proprietary simulated human tissue to their meticulous construction — sets them apart from competitors. The manufacturer plays a crucial role in helping doctors calibrate life-saving medical equipment like MRIs, yet these key messages were downplayed on their outdated website.

Colour Outside partnered with CIRS to craft clear messaging, produce video and photos showcasing the production of their products, and to build a custom website worthy of a company respected worldwide.

Handcrafted by humans, not assembly lines.

We quickly realized an important visual was missing from CIRS’ brand: the individuals who handcraft each of their phantoms. So, we decided to capture photos and video of CIRS’ team at work — creating models on the computer, placing tissue-simulated human teeth inside artificial human skulls, and running quality control tests with ultrasound. We used these powerful visuals throughout their website to convey the level of skill and care that goes into making each phantom.

Hiding behind a boring, white website.

Our team worked within CIRS’ existing brand guidelines to create a stunning, mobile-friendly website. We intermixed large photos with their signature blue, and crafted new copy that tells a story with each scroll down the page. CIRS was previously hiding behind a boring, white website, but we helped them proudly stand out with a modern web presence.

Stand out from the noise.

In an industry filled with less-than-exciting visuals, we helped CIRS stand apart with confident pops of color and bold text.

CIRS was underselling the skill and expertise that goes into their products. We helped them illustrate the true value of their phantoms to customers.