Macs vs. PCs: Busting the Myth for Designers

I’m a loyal Apple consumer. I like just about all of their hardware, although I like little of their software (except Keynote…Keynote for President!). I have a Mac Pro and an iPhone. My kids complete Khan Academy courses on a Macbook. And my wife wants an Apple Watch to integrate with some new technology at work.

But hi. My name is Justin and I’m a recovering member of the cult of Mac.

Even as I wipe the Cupertino Kool-Aid off my lips, I’m here to admit that the gulf that once existed between Macs and PCs is no longer the size it once was. And the purpose of my confession is to encourage designers entering the industry.

To all those young in their design careers (read: to all those who have little money or are shackled by school loans): you don’t have to buy the most expensive hardware out there to do your job well.


For many years, designers, art directors, videographers, photographers, and of course Apple itself had us believe (either through comparative evidence or via a turned-up nose) that if we were really serious about the creative fields, we had to have a Mac.

But why? And are those reasons still valid today?

Although Mac connoisseurs would likely cite more reasons, the heavy-hitting evidence boiled down to two main points: hardware performance (processing speed, etc.) and graphics quality. 10-15 years ago, the struggle was real in the Mac/PC disparity on these two fronts.

But today, that’s just no longer the case. PCs have come leaps and bounds in the areas of small computer performance, screen resolution, and graphics quality. Of course, the nicer PCs approach price points closer to the average Mac price. And the cheapest PCs are going to skimp on both performance and graphics.

But unless you love the Mac interface and feel, and unless you are a loyal member of their consumer tribe, let me free you up to use what you can afford. The extra money will carry you further than buying into a notion that’s not as true as it once was.

Fun fact: did you know that Gavin Pledger, our Partner & Creative Director and designer extraordinaire, uses a PC?! The entire Colour Outside website, and roughly 90% of the work you see in our portfolio was designed on a PC. 

– Justin Schoonmaker

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